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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Investigator yet to be appointed in SRP matter


THE Police Service is yet to appoint an investigator to deal with the matter involving the Special Reserve Policewoman who was suspended last week for allegedly “bringing the Police Service into disrepute” after photos of her were posted online showing her on a couch with a leg raised while in uniform.

Yesterday, senior members of the Police Complaints Division and the Professional Standards Bureau said they were not assigned to investigate the SRP.

Newsday also contacted head of the Transit Police where the SRP was assigned prior to her suspension and head of the unit, Superintendent Anthony Bernard said he was not engaged in any such investigation.

Sources revealed the investigator will be appointed upon the return of Acting Commissioner Stephen Williams who is out of the country and is due back tonight.

The SRP, who is the mother of a seven-year-old girl, has taken her plight to the Police Social and Welfare Association which resulted in a letter being sent to Williams last Friday asking that the decision to suspend be reconsidered on humanitarian grounds.

The SRP also engaged the services of attorneys Elena De Silva and Christophe Rodriguez to send to Williams a pre-action protocol letter in which his decision to suspend was described as “unlawful, procedurally irregular, void and of no legal effect.”


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