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Saturday 17 November 2018
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Relatives of Hit-and-Run Make Plea: PLEASE COME FORWARD

Anton (left) Simeon (right)
Anton (left) Simeon (right)

Family members of Anton and Simeon John, brothers who were killed in a motorcycle accident on Saturday morning, are calling for the man who allegedly ran them off the road, to step forward.

“Drivers have to cool themselves on the road.” said one relative, “There are other drivers on the road, you have to take precautions. Even if you get in an accident, stop and sort it out.”

Other relatives begged the driver, who is still being sought by police, to consider that relatives are searching for some sense of closure, as they come to terms with the deaths of the two brothers.

It was about 2.45 am on Saturday, when the two men lost their lives. Simeon, a 37-year-old PTSC bus driver, was driving his motorcycle with Anton, an ambulance driver. They were heading in a westerly direction along the Eastern Main Road near Red Hill, D’abadie when a car, which was driving along the same road, swerved to avoid a rock on the road, and clipped the motorcycle.

The brothers lost control of the motorcycle and were thrown several feet into the air. They hit the side of the road, and died instantly.

The driver of the car then fled the scene.

Relatives described the relationship between the two brothers as very close. Simeon, a father of two, and Anton, a father of six, did everything together, according to family members.

“Wherever you see one, you would see the other.” one relative said “And they were both very nice, family oriented men.”

Family members added that Simeon was an avid motorcycle rider, who would frequently ride with local motorcycle clubs.

“He used to ride since I was a little girl,” a relative said. “I remember seeing him with an dirt bike when I was younger, and he would ride everywhere with it.”

An autopsy confirmed that both men died from blunt force trauma consistent with an accident.



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