Daniel calls for policy on TT athletes’ rewards

Kristi-Marie Madray (NYLO Intern)

On Sunday, Trinidad and Tobago’s athletes, Jarrim Solomon, Jereem Richards, Lalonde Gordon and Machel Cedenio won the men’s 4x400-metre finals at the IAAF World Championships in London, England.

Former national 200m and 400m runner, Alvin Daniel, in a telephone interview, expressed his joy at their victory. “It’s a real enjoyable feeling,” he said, “One of the greatest I’ve seen in a long time.”

While the four athletes were victorious, Daniel said that he was proud of the TT female athletes, as well.

He wants to remind Trinidad and Tobago that “while they did not make a win, that their efforts were commendable.” Daniel stated, “Trinidadians need to take note that their participation in the World Championships, is a great feat. It is something of which Trinidadians should be proud.”

With regards to rewarding the men’s 4x400m relay team, Daniel did not specify what should be given to the champions, but agreed that they should be rewarded.

He stated, “The Government should implement a policy where awards are granted to the successful athletes.” He continued, “Winning is a high achievement comparable to studying for a degree, therefore they should be awarded financially like any other university graduate.”

The 1992 Olympics national representative said, “Sports is a job. Therefore, athletes should be treated as employees and be appropriately rewarded for their hard work.”

He noted that Trinidad and Tobago is blessed with many talented athletes.

Nevertheless, he stated that, "their potential cannot be reached if there are no programmes within the communities to encourage these athletes". Daniel said that the upcoming athletes need support and encouragement from their communities and government. The government should implement programmes where the athletes are motivated to train industriously and the communities become involved in their activities. Daniel said that playing sports are the dreams of many athletes. Therefore, the programmes implemented should assist in them “exploring their dreams”.

Daniel went on to congratulate the entire Trinidadian team who participated in the World Championships, reiterating that their participation is, in itself, a great accomplishment.


"Daniel calls for policy on TT athletes’ rewards"

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