Woodford Square closing too early


Preston George, a regular at Woodford Square, Port of Spain, is seeking the help of the city corporation to find out why the gates of the square are being closed early.

He said that in previous years, the park was closed at 9 pm. However, two years ago on the night of the prison break, they were informed that the park would be closed at seven.

"We understood why they were going to close early that day, however, when it continued for several weeks, we were shocked," George stated.

He stated that for the past two years, at minutes before seven, Woodford Square security would stop their discussions and ask them to leave. He believed that this was a disrespect to the history of the University of Woodford Square.

"Dr Eric Williams would have had his start at this very location, where he gave many speeches," George said.

He added that those who frequented Woodford Square simply wanted to continue that tradition.

George said he wrote the Prime Minister concerning the matter last year and was sent a response from the permanent secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister saying that his letter was sent to the CEO in the PoS Corporation.

George said that, in June, he was able to speak to the mayor who was unaware of the situation. At that time, the mayor assured George that something would be done.

"We have heard nothing since then and the problem continues."

He also said that when discussions were in progress, there was a television in the square for them to watch the news at seven.

"Right now I'm not even sure if the television is working because we don't get to use it," George said. "When we are kicked out at seven, many of us miss the news."

He expressed his view that the security seemed to have taken control of the park.

A supervisor at the park said that they were given orders to close the gates at seven, therefore, that is what they did.

"We are simply doing our jobs," he said.

He also said the bathroom facilities at the square closed at seven, therefore, closing the park should go hand in hand.

"If the bathrooms are not open and persons are in the park, where are they going to use?"

"Years ago when it had no lights and no security, we were able to stay out and have our discussions. Now that it has lights and security, we are forced to leave at seven," George stated.

Newsday was unable to get a response from the PoS Corporation.


"Woodford Square closing too early"

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