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Sunday 22 July 2018
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TTMA urges implementation of scanners on port

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) is calling on the government to intensify their efforts to have the long-anticipated container scanners operational as a matter of urgency. This, the TTMA says, will allow the process of container inspection to become as efficient as possible.

The association said it is concerned about the decision taken by the joint select committee of Parliament on July 3rd, to inspect 20 per cent of units on the port, and the impact it would have on the facilitation of trade for manufacturers.

“While the TTMA commends the government on its commitment to national security, the negative impact on the ease of doing business cannot be denied. The delays caused by the increase in the percentage units assigned for inspection, coupled with the fact that the container scanners, which had been purchased since 2014, are yet to be given approval for utilisation by Customs and Excise, have made it increasingly difficult for manufacturers to meet optimum levels of exports and imports for their operations.”

TTMA said they recommend a risk assessment, as determined by statistical review of manufacturers’ cargo over a period of time, be conducted to ensure that bonafide manufacturers and suppliers do not have their containers unnecessarily assigned to the Container Examination Station.

As the representative body for manufacturing sector, the TTMA said they remain ready and willing to act as a consultative body to government on this issue should the need arise.


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