Rowley ‘sorry’ for Tobagonians

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is appealing to those assigned to procure a passenger vessel for the Tobago sea bridge to redouble their efforts to bring relief to citizens who rely on the inter island service following the cancellation of the Ocean Flower 2 contract.

In his appeal issued this morning in a statement, Rowley said, those assigned must do so “without compromising principles and within all contractual safeguards to ensure that an acceptable service is restored at the earliest opportunity.”

Rowley’s statement follows calls by the Opposition for Rowley to account to citizens on the ferry fiasco.

He apologied to citizens, particularly Tobagonians for “whom the service is more of a life line,” affected by the cancellation of the contract with Bridgeman’s Services Group for the vessel which should have been delivered by an extended August 1 deadline.

“The unsuccessful attempt to find a replacement passenger ferry is a matter of great disappointment to me and I am sure the majority of Tobagonians who rely on this service for their comfort and livelihood,” he said.

He understood the efforts, he said, “ made by those charged with the responsibility and the particular difficulties which they faced in the process at the time when the port sought a vessel which we all anticipated would have been on the route by this time.”

He assured that “Government is not unmindful of your plight and is currently engaged in making all reasonable efforts to remedy the situation in the short term.”


"Rowley ‘sorry’ for Tobagonians"

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