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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Police: woman charged for gun not PYC secretary

Police are refuting reports that a WPC who is the secretary for a police youth club is facing gun and ammunition charges.

In a release sent to the media yesterday, the Community Policing Secretariat of the TTPS said the woman who was charged was identified as Anisha Ifill, while the secretary of the Bayshore Police Youth Club is WPC Vanessa Noel, of the Mon Repos Police Station. Newsday was told that Noel, has been the secretary and leader of the Bayshore Police Youth Club since its inception, six years ago.

“The Bayshore Police Youth Club serves an important role in the development of young people within the Bayshore community; and it is proud of, and jealously guards its reputation and the relationship it has established within the community.” the release said.

On Friday last, 20-year-old Ifill, her boyfriend, 25-year-old Jason Williams, and his neighbour 25-year-old Lynte Prime appeared before appeared before magistrate Kerrianne Byer at the San Fernando Magistrates' Court, for being in possession of a firearm and ammunition while at Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando, on Wednesday last.


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