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Sunday 23 September 2018
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Diabetes VP: pH doesn’t determine healthiness

Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) first vice president Andrew Dhanoo yesterday said pH in water has nothing to do with how healthy water is for consumption.

In a telephone interview, Dhanoo said consuming any type of water (bottled or tap) instead of highly sweetened soft drinks and juices is one of the single best choices you can make to maintain a healthy body.

He said consumption of water will decrease the chances of developing lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes and Heart disease.

“The myths about alkaline water being healthy, and acid water causing harm to you, it is a myth that has been purported, and it is a myth that has been spread because of the at-home pH kits people use.”

He said as a NGO in TT, with a mandate to promote good health and to ensure the well-being of families, they advocate for water as the preferred drink for everyone.

In a press release, in response to several home tests conducted on social media about the pH of water and its effect on health, DATT said subtle variations in the pH of the water people drink has no bearing on their health.

DATT said unfounded personal opinions and misinterpretations about health are dangerous as they may guide people toward trends which may be harmful to their bodies and their pockets.

“We know that education through the access to information is necessary for our population to make healthier choices. We are bombarded with videos and ads which spread misinformation in a very attractive way. The DATT has taken strides to provide the population with unbiased, scientific information about health-related topics which have grabbed the public’s attention.”

The DATT said on September 29, at the Centre of Excellence, their 2017 EXPO will have a special session devoted to debunking health myths including pH of water, plastic rice, plastic vegetables, miraculous herbal cures, and among other items.

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