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Sunday 22 July 2018
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TTDF Launches Audit into Alleged Financial Mismanagement

The TT Defense Force (TTDF) has reportedly launched an investigation into allegations of overpayment to certain officers, this according to a media release issued by the TTDF yesterday. According to the release, the investigation comes as part of more stringent auditing regulations to clamp down on financial mismanagement and stated that the TTPS has also been notified of the allegations against the officers for an independent investigation into the matter.

"The TTDF commends its internal auditors on the work undertaken in this matter to date and reconfirms its commitment to driving the continued improvement of the organisation whilst being ever mindful of the need for care and caution in due process."

On Saturday, former Minister of National Security Gary Griffith issued a statement in which he accused law enforcement agencies of carrying out borderline extortion against the promoters of certain sporting events by requesting unnecessary manpower present for these events.

Shortly after the issuance of the release yesterday, military sources revealed that a low-ranking officer within the TT Regiment had confessed to stealing approximately $2M TTD. The officer who along with another low-ranking officer and a civilian employee were implicated in the theft. The missing funds were brought to the attention of the TTDF after a replacement for the civilian employee, who is believed to be on sick-leave discovered discreprencies in invoices at the accounting department.

According to military sources, the officer reportedly said that he stole the money after he allegedly saw others stealing and thought that he could get away with it as well.


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