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Tuesday 25 September 2018
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Rugeri pays tribute to Wayne Berkeley

Popular large Band Trini Revellers, which had planned to launch its 2012 Carnival Mas presentation The Golden Years of Carnival: 1949-1999 this weekend, was forced to postpone the event because organisers were uncertain of the curfew hours when the event was originally being planned.

An official of the band said, taking into consideration the planning and advertising needed to readjust to new curfew hours, it was too soon to get everything in place.

Nevertheless, one of the band’s 14 sections was launched by Rugeri Promotions on Saturday in Maraval.

Spokesman for the group, Rudy Granger stated during the launch that back in 1998 when Trini Revellers came on the scene, they maintained mas in its truest form. He said next year they will again be continuing this tradition as they will be portraying, and in so doing, paying tribute to mas icons of the past. These include Harold Saldenah, George Bailey, Stephen Lee Heung, Irvin Mc Williams, Wayne Berkeley, and Peter Minshall.

Rugeri Promotions itself will be paying tribute to the late Berkeley with their section “Secrets of the Sky”.

The all-inclusive was assigned to them by the management committee of Trini Revellers well before Berkeley’s passing in June earlier this year.Granger feels absolutely confident that their Berkeley portrayal will be one of their better productions since Rugeri’s own inception some six years ago.

He also added that as Rugeri continues to evolve, this year they have introduced a Mas Loyalty Promotion where anyone who has played with their mas outfit continuously over the last six years will get a discount of $200 for women and $100 for men.

The section was designed by Jennifer Mac Intosh and caters for all sizes as they offer options in whole piece, tankini, pum pum shorts and of course, bikinis.

Immediately after the display of the costumes, some of Rugeri’s loyal masqueraders lined up to register to play in sections that range in price from $1,995 to $3,500.

The next showing of the section to the public will come when the Trini Revellers launches on October 30 at the Anchorage in Chaguaramas. It will take the form of a cooler fete but Revellers’ Mas Camp will be open for business from September 26, after which their website will be launched by September 30.


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