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Friday 17 August 2018
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Prisons Association on Possibility Second Escape: Anything is Possible

President of the Prisons Association Ceron Richards said that due to the deteriorating conditions within the Golden Grove Maximum Security Prison in Arouca, 'anything is possible'. Newsday spoke to Richards today who said that dilapidated infrastructure and faulty electronics systems within the prison poses a serious threat to the safety of prisons officers adding that such flaws could compromise security at the facility.

"You never know in the Prisons system it is deeply frustrating and when you have a lot of frustrated individuals inhabiting a small area you never know what might arise. I am saying the nature of the situation coupled with security issues that aren’t being met by the National Security Minister. means that anything can happen."

Richards said that he was deeply concerned by deteriorating conditions within the prison and is calling on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to intervene and bring relief to prisons officers who he says are in danger with each day that passes. He says that since the Association's demonstration on the grounds of the Golden Grove prison on Tuesday, they have not been contacted by any officials within the Ministry of National Security for discussion.

"The situation is crying out for Ministerial intervention, it is a problem bigger than the Prisons service and we hope that the Prime Minister look into this situation to try and treat with it before a catastrophe like what happened on July 24 2015 happens again."

"We wrote the Minister and he seems to be totally oblivious and detached to the plight of prisons officers. He has not expressed any interest in treating with these issues. They are not in a situation where they feel that their safety is being taken seriously by the state."

Newsday attempted to contact Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon but were unsuccessful.


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