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Wednesday 26 September 2018
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Homes demolished in South Oropouche


A private land owner in South Oropuche is being blamed for the demolition of at least three houses which left several people homeless, residents said.

The commotion yesterday began at about 6 am when a group of men, accompanied by police, went to Ralph Narine Trace and informed the occupants about the demolition. Occupant Leena Patram, 43, said her husband Kumar Deonath, 36, had been living on the property for the last 36 years. In destroying the two-bedroom ply house, Patram said damage was done to several religious items including murtis (Hindu statues). He is also alleging that $8,000 and grocery items were stolen. “We are not going anywhere,” Patram said.

“She could have given us first preference if the land is hers. These people came here and showed us no documents. But, they claimed to have a court order. They told him come outside then started breaking down everything. They broke up my murtis. My flour and grocery gone,” said Patram.

Up to last evening, the couple was rebuilding the structure and efforts to contact the accused land owner proved futile.


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