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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Freedom has a price, and the price is usually very high.

This was the statement made by Wayne Chance, head of Non-Profit Organisation Vision on a Mission, during his feature address at the Mothers Against Drug Abuse’s sixth annual Echoes of Hope function, held at Green Meadows, Santa Barbara Boulevard, Santa Cruz.

Chance told the congregation that a lot of people, despite celebrating Emancipation, were imprisoned, whether by physical bars or by any situation that would confine or restrict people from living their lives the way they saw fit.

Chance said that some people are not willing to pay the price that comes with freedom.

“Jesus Christ, and Martin Luther King knew that they had to pay a hefty price for freedom. They paid the ultimate price, for others to be free. Sometimes when you are fighting for freedom, you may not even be the person that enjoys the comforts of that freedom.”

Chance continued by relating several trials that he had to endure during his life, to experience the freedom that he has today. He told the congregation that he had been locked up for a decade, and still had to fight and sacrifice to ensure that he did not have to go back to prison.

“When I was in prison for those ten years, I had to change so many attitudes and habits that I had, just to attain freedom. But when I got out of prison I made a promise that I would not go back. It was a journey. When I got past those prison gates I realised that I had another prison – on the outside – that I had to overcome to truly be free. At first I had to live in conditions that were worse than in prison, in order to be truly free. Because sometimes even when you are freed from your prison, you really don’t demonstrate the freedom that you truly have. I had to pay a price to make sure that I would not be imprisoned again, and today as I stand before you I can say that I am proud to have paid that price.”

Mothers Against Drug Abuse is a Non-Profit Organisation which highlights and educates children about the dangers of drug abuse, whether it is a legal or illegal substance. The organisation has been going from school to school teaching children what drugs does to the human body.