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Thursday 16 August 2018
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Destra Receives Pre-Action Protocol Letter

After rupturing a Belizean man's bladder at a concert two years ago, soca artiste Destra Garcia has been issued a pre action protocol letter last week, this according to Christophe Rodriguez, the attorney locally representing Fernando Olivia, the man who claims he was injured by Garcia.

Newsday spoke to Rodriguez today who confirmed that Garcia had been issued the letter some time last week, which indicated that he along with his associates will be enforcing the judgement made by Belizean judge, Justice Courtney Able. Rodriguez said that her legal team had acknowledged it's receipt.

Garcia became the centre of controversy following her performace at the 'Carival Overload' concert in Belize in 2015, in which she dropped herself onto the hip of concert goer, Fernando Olivia. Earlier this year, Justice Able, ruled in favor of Olivia and has ordered Garcia to pay Olivia, a sum of $16,577 BD for damages, approximately $56,000 TTD after Olivia's attorneys argued that Garcia's performance on-stage was less like a soca dance and more like a wrestling move.

Newsday attempted to contact Garcia for comment but were unsuccessful.


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