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Monday 11 November 2019
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Depressed teen struggled with family issues

RELATIVES OF 18-year-old Lurvado Trotman are now struggling to come to terms with his apparent suicide at the family's Mohamed Street, Curepe home on Wednesday. According to relatives, at about 11.30 am on Wednesday, Trotman made a video in which he explained that he has suffered with bouts of depression since childhood and could not find any other solution other than to end his own life.

Newsday spoke with Trotman's uncle at the Forensic Science Centre, St James yesterday, who said his nephew's death has traumatised the family and has left his parents inconsolable. He explained that Trotman's siblings discovered his body hanging from the rafters of his bedroom when they returned inside from playing.

"When they saw him, he was foaming at the mouth. The poor children were in shock and didn't know what to do. They called father who was at home at the time and they tried to untie him but it was already too late."

Relatives said that they discovered the video while browsing through his mobile phone later on that day. They said that Trotman was depressed after his father forbade him from seeing a 14-year-old girl with whom he was involved in a relationship. However, other relatives believe Trotman hung himself because he was depressed with his parents' recent separation.

"His parents got divorced recently and all of their children are really feeling it. They would tell you that everyone is coping with it but, I think that Lurvado felt it the worst."

Trotman was a former student of the El Dorado Secondary school and was studying to become a computer technician. Relatives have described him as an easy-going, respectful child and did not suspect that he was suffering with depression.

Newsday also spoke with social worker and senior adjunct lecturer in Behavioural Sciences at the University of the Southern Caribbean Hanif Benjamin who said parents should be aware of changes in their children's behaviour and detect early signs of depression.

"When someone commits suicide, they may do so in either one of two ways, which is acute as in now for now or it may be prolonged over a period of time. In this case, there is always a sign, that someone is dealing with some personal issue. For instance, the person may pull away or become more withdrawn or more isolated."

Benjamin also urged parents not to involve their children in their own private issues, especially as it relates to issues of separation and marriage. He said that when facing a divorce, one parent may use children as pawns to attack the other.

"Too often in divorce situations parents don't let children be. Too often in divorce situations parents don't check in on their children. I am advocating that children be checked in on more often."

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