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Lawrence hails players’ effort against Mexico

... (June 13). “The focus needs to remain the same and the belief has to remain the same,” said the TT coach. “We’ve got two very difficult games in June, away from home, but have to prepare ...

Holistic approach to crime problem vital

... motto of which was, “The will does it.” Can we turn around this frightening situation of lawlessness, especially murders, and reboot TT to its once glory days? Sahadeo Ragoonanan via email

‘Travelling homes’ on nation’s roads

... the relationship between male and female commuters on the road? Living up to their stereotype, it seems men like to take “risks” while driving. They use the shoulder of the highways and too ...

Legalising drugs not the crime answer

... participate in the manufacture and distribution of such drugs be dealt with in a drastic and severe manner in order to stop the expansion of crimes throughout the world. GA Marques via email

The allure of cinema under the stars

... hold, the allure and romance of cinema under the stars is back on the trinidad+- tobago film festival’s calendar, with screenings in Chaguanas, San Fernando and Chaguaramas, as part of its ...

Chinese Baptists A deeper look

... increasing number of Chinese Baptists demanded qualitative transformation to make the Baptist faith and practice more fully a Chinese faith. Gradually, the Chinese Baptists took control of the ...

Garcia outlines plans to deal with indiscipline in schools

... reverse the current trend of poor mathematics grades and provide remediation solutions for teachers. Former education minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh said there were 23 areas where there were ...

Odour in Pt Fortin forces closure of bank, school

... cries for help go unanswered. Meanwhile, Petrotrin said the Ministry of Energy, the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and all other relevant regulatory agencies had been notified.

Man unable to attend brother’s funeral

... afternoon, his younger brother remained in police custody and thus did not attend the funeral. “He did not get to come to the funeral because I heard police had him at (Sangre) Grande. He ...

President: We’re drowning in inhumanity

... demonstrated that a belief in the supremacy of God can progressively propel any nation.” Against this background, Carmona said, “We must therefore stand proud as a nation, that we had the strength ...

Three of nine police divisions excel

... and murders __ for which guns remained the weapon of choice __ were of serious concern to the citizenry. He said the police had found and seized 199 firearms of varying types, and 2,026 ...

Judge rules Williams treated policeman unfairly

... oppressive and unfair. Ramlogan demanded that Williams provide a statement of reasons to justify his action, but he refused to do so and a claim for judicial review was filed. Rahim found ...

Woman who gave birth on pavement, killed on PBR

... after being knocked down by a policeman’s vehicle along the Priority Bus Route (PBR) on Tuesday night. The woman was identified as Crystal Dennis of no fixed place of abode. According to ...

Forbes, Benny in Flow Ultimate Football finals

... at Flow, said in her welcome remarks that the Ultimate Football Experience was an opportunity to improve skill and a step in measuring capabilities. But more important, she added, it was ...

Robinson-Regis gets marine report

... Plan to mitigate such harm. The thematic areas are: coastal development, ecosystem conservation and restoration, sustaining coastal livelihoods, vulnerability to climate change and ...

Opportunities in print industry

... was coming up there was the cinema before and now it is the electronic media that influences all forms of communication,” Dr Heering said. The conference was organised by Euro- ChamTT, ...

No army report for Parliament, says Dillon

... TTDF Chief of Staff, said this, “remains a matter of security in so far as the Defence Force is concerned.” He said he was aware that Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge had written the TTDF for a ...

11-year-old trouble student removed from school for treatment

... of Education finally gave in to their demands to have an 11-yearold boy removed from the school. Minister in the Ministry of Education Dr Lovell Francis said the boy will receive whatever treatment ...

Policewoman hurt in crash

... and Process Branch in Portof- Spain remains warded in critical condition after her motorcycle collided with a red band maxi taxi along the Priority Bus Route (PBR) yesterday. According to a police ...

Police station for Enterprise

... the PNM was trying to obtain, could remain at sea for 28 days, Damen naval vessels acquired by the PP, could only do so for 12 days. He slammed the Opposition for stalling the process of ...

Time to end the freeness

... prices in November 2015, the subsidy remained close to $600 million. At a US$45 a barrel oil price, Imbert said the subsidy would increase to $850 million and at US$50 a barrel the subsidy would ...


... another entered his left leg where it remains lodged. In the second shooting incident, at 11 am yesterday, gunshots were heard along Joseph Street near African Ground. Resident contacted the ...

Brother may miss brother’s funeral

... because the brother, up to yesterday, remained in the custody of Eastern Division police officers. “Police are giving us any information,” said the siblings’ 70-year-old father Andrew. “We ...

Pan saves the day

... band to end the show, leading off the audience chipping to sweet pan to start their Carnival. And the show must not go beyond 1 am, even with other guest artistes. RICHARD PATINO via email

The forex dilemma: What should be done

... the same time. The fact that the demand for foreign exchange is outstripping the supply and that this is likely to continue for several years indicates that the current exchange rate regime is ...

Ma Pau supports Princes Town Rotary Golf

... event over the past years and remained committed to the goals and objectives of the tournament despite its recent challenges. A press release yesterday by Ma Pau stated: “Despite our ...

TT Bridge fraternity remembers its late president

... by all who knew this perfect gentleman.” The most recent tribute came from Bridge enthusiast, Sham Mohammed, in memory of this retired Chartered Accountant who is survived by his wife Jeanette ...

Indarsingh: No job safe under PNM government

... 66,000 new jobs and unemployment remained under five percent. The PP administration raised the minimum wage more than once and over 130 wage negotiations were settled . “The PNM continues to ...

Law Association being called to account

... are demanding that the new Council of the Law Association provide all correspondence relating to the payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) on membership subscription fees. A petition has been ...

TTUTA and JTUM team up

... hypocritical and disingenuous in his remarks.” As a former TTUTA president, he said, Garcia would have led many picketing exercises. “We reject his statement outright that teachers are setting a ...

Found: 30


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