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First Citizens invests in students

... of the entire First Citizens team involved in the project remarking on the topdown support received by him and his colleagues. The program began on May 3 and concludes on August, 22.

More fitting tribute to rename Wrightson Rd

... my view, renaming and restoring Wrightson Road for our first Miss Universe would approach a more fitting tribute and do no further offence to our Creole heritage. STEVE ESCALIER via email

Innovation and the Empowerment of Women

... The greatest challenge isgetting my female team members to become more innovative. Any advice? ~ Innovator DEAR INNOVATOR, Innovation is traditionally associated with science and ...

Forewarned, forearmed

... and Tobago’s external accounts will remain weak over the coming quarters. Although they expect export gains driven by the hydrocarbons sector, a wide current account deficit will persist and is ...

Global economic outlook remains positive

... is the most important component of demand, and that should continue to drive the recovery in the US and elsewhere. Another reason for optimism is the overall health of the banking sector. Credit ...

Enough is enough. Time to bring crime under control

... several high-profile crimes that remain unresolved. But make no mistake, every day the average citizen of Trinidad and Tobago is exposed to some form of violence and injustice that threaten ...

Women still face many pressures

... things she was told because she was female, Tam said she developed a life mission – to do humanitarian work in Africa. After returning to her parents, she was sent to a private school where she ...

PoS mayor offers sympathy

... purchase of decibel meters and for the EMA to train the City Police in noise control. Martinez told Newsday that unlike magistrates at a liquor licensing session being able to refuse a licence if ...

Judge orders boy to remain in ‘safe house’

... not a normal consequence of being on remand. Justice Vasheist Kokaram in January granted leave to the teen whose mother brought the action complaining that her son was being kept in solitary ...

Cop: Tobago still a safe place for fun

... locals and visitors that Tobago remains a safe place for vacation. Hazel spoke at the police’s weekly press briefing at Police Administration building in Port of Spain. He said as there is a ...

Angostura denies $$ paid for chairman’s legal bill

... this year, by one of Angostura’s female executives via the company’s whistleblower policy. Jodhan chose to speak briefly on the matter after recent media reports that Angostura had spent ...

Montana’s surprise history

... many of us, brought up on Hollywood cinema, the gold rush is something that happened in California, but gold mining spread further east too. It started in Virginia City and along the Ruby Valley in ...

Bakr: Uprising could happen again

... He added that the Jamaat al Muslimeen remains prepared to do what it takes to ensure the safety of women and children . “We are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure women and children are ...

bmobile backs junior calypso workshop

... to raise awareness with the budding female students highlighting women in calypso. She spoke to them about proper and respectable presentation of themselves on stage while performing. Their ...

Why so crabby?

... males, while also seeking to attract females to their burrows. In other species, engagement in physical combat is much more common and dominant males go so far as to invite a “fight”, or battle ...

Emancipation village opens tomorrow

EMANCIPATION celebrations begin tomorrow with the opening of the Lidj Yasu Omowale Emancipation Village at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain. The village is the centre stage for cultural ...

Grenada group demands CLF $$

GRENADA’S British American Insurance Policyholders Group is poised to take legal action to resolve the issue of payments owed to them by CL Financial (CLF) following the TT Government’s bailout of Cli

TT not making use of free trade agreement with Costa Rica

... Gabriel Faria said in his welcome remarks it will form part of the chamber’s BusinessInsights series. Joseph said in a couple of months there will be another workshop attended by an official ...

Country needs a purge, Mr PM

... ways and seek God” that “a remnant will be blessed and a nation will be purged of its sins.” Time for our nation to take a “spiritual purge,” Mr PM. APOSTLE TERRENCE HONORE via email

Way to go with Crawfie exhibit

... will be money well spent, and a fitting tribute to the legacy of a great hero. One for the legendary netballer Jean Pierre can also be looked at. KEITH ANDERSON via email

Women share stories on Pink Ego

... the governing body for her school, Rosemand’s Academy of the Performing Arts in Arima, of which she is principal. While the school was launched in 2014, the company was established two years ago ...

Rotary aid for heart patients

... ). While both projects sourced pacemakers from manufacturers across the globe at no cost, the Heart Beat International initiative also secured the services of surgeons pro-bono, said a media ...

Lessons from the mas

... a great deal of these people and will remain close to them whether I have another band or not. They have become like family. I have also had to learn to deal with all different personalities walking ...

Elite Pan Am Track Cycling at Couva

... Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Suriname, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela and the host nation Trinidad and Tobago. Among the featured ...

Fired CL exec wants back his job

... given an Angostura ipad and access to emails. In his application, Holder is also seeking an order that CLF and its Government-appointed directors not hold any board meetings, take any decision ...

ECA urges workers, unions: Don’t strike on August 4

... a statement issued yesterday, the ECA remarked on the realities of this country’s macro economic environment. It said while the International Monetary Fund showed optimism in January, by April ...

Kamla: Money could fund 20,000 students

... prosecute the case of an injured policeman who cannot access compensation due to the Government failing to activate the Protective Services Compensation Committee. She expressed anger over ...

Newborn still on ice

... baby who died hours after being born, remains on ice at a funeral home in South Trinidad. Officials at the funeral home confirmed the baby boy is in cold storage while they await word from family ...

Shareholders postpone meeting

... directors who are there remain in control... so there is no shift in the balance of power. The Government remains in control until such time as a meeting is held to elect the two ...

Health equity

... suffer for lack of basic care that remains available to those at the other end of the social spectrum. At the end of the day, health is central to building a productive workforce, stimulating ...

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