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CFU made mess of Gold Cup qualifiers

... own thing, outside of FIFA’s usual league regulations, and their shortcoming should be exposed, which would ensure they do not repeat such blunders in the future. Gary Griffith via email

Take these chains from my House

... and Dr Suruj Rambachan had to prematurely and in total disgust abandon and terminate their contributions. It appears again that the Government members had some urgent extra-residential ...

Protest for community centre

... staged a small, fiery protest to demand that a community centre and playground be built in their area as was promised by successive administrations. “For over 20 years we have been seeking a ...

Bmobile to host exposition

... of our pivotal enabling role in a demanding digital society. Our Connect @ bmobile Technology Conference and Exposition is a new experience which provides a rich exchange of ideas and ...

Carib signs with NUGFW

... respect. He said no dispute would remain unresolved as long as the parties showed mutual respect and had the commitment and the will to settle it, although he admitted that in a negotiation ...

CWU not pleased with TATT extension to CWC

... was a disaster?” Hence the union’s demand on Friday (January 13) that TATT invoke the provisions as set out in its communication of March 12, 2015 and March 26, 2016 and in the process, “reject ...

Bourg Mulatresse man shot dead

... was shot dead while at the home of a female friend on Sunday afternoon. According to reports, at about 2.30 pm, Anthony Sammy was at Sammy Lane Bourg Mulatresse in company with a female friend when ...

Treating with lichen planopilaris

... Williams Beckles is a doctor of trichology (DT) and nutrition consultant (NC) https://www.germainewilliamsbeckles. com, 627-4659. Email us your questions to

Behind the silent curtain

... at the point in time, however, remaining there for lengthy periods and not reaching out for assistance and support are indeed troubling. All of these behaviours contribute to depression, ...

Tuco CD launch

... (East) January 28, Klassic Ruso (North) January 27, Kaiso Showcase (South) January 28, Kalypso Revue January 27 (Arima) and Kaiso House will host a Preview at Globe Cinema on January 22.

Extended opening hours at Couva Swimming Pool

... of Sport Darryl Smith delivering remarks to parents and students of the first set of beginners and intermediate classes. The Minister was in high praise for the programme, citing the Diego ...

Clarke wins 1st Road Series of 2017

... and national junior cyclist Jabari Whiteman (Heatwave Cycling Club). Two-time TT Olympian Njisane Phillip (Rigtech Sonics), who is known for his sprinting finished a surprising fourth. The second ...

Kenneth Supersad fails to qualify for Chutney Soca Monarch

... past the preliminary round and he is demanding answers from promoter George Singh as to why his song did not qualify. “My song is original in lyrics and melody while the others use Bollywood ...

Rowley: Sandals not yet a done deal

... discussion and the consultations can begin here in Tobago, under the EMA (Environmental Management Authority) to get their approvals and step by step, we will move forward with the project.

Office of the President employees being tested

... similar testing today, while the remainder is expected to be tested tomorrow. The examinations include x-rays to the lungs and blood and urine tests. The tests were done to determine the health ...

Gunman on bicycle strikes

... time, the gunman and his accomplice remained at large. His girlfriend was taken to an undisclosed medical centre for treatment. LATEST At half past eight last night, police were alerted ...

‘Grandma was a child bride’

... Carmona, wife of President Anthony Carmona, yesterday in a statement disclosed, “My grandmother was a 13-year-old bride”, as she weighed in on the issue of child marriages. “I recall that she ...

Sando to PoS march in Rachael’s memory

... ‘Mr T’ Guevera has embarked on a oneman march from San Fernando to Port-of-Spain in the teen’s memory. The walk commenced after a caller to Guevera’s radio show accused him of being a ...

Woman assaulted in church

... of Carenage, was in the church with a female relative when a woman known to them entered the church compound, walked up to the victim and began pushing her against a wall. According to reports, the ...

Stuck in a rut

... richer than most in the Caribbean, remains so utterly disorganised, so confused, so unable to get its act together? We have transformed our green spaces into rubbish dumps; we contaminate our ...

Delivering harsh realities with no solutions

... won the black vote but inner cities remain a festering wound. Interestingly, despite promising to overhaul the inner cities president- elect Donald Trump won a mere eight percent of the black ...

New facility for stroke, diabetes treatment

... speech and language therapy, lymphedema therapy, a cancer survivorship programme, diabetes management, EMG (electromyography) and nerve conduction study as well as general and primary care ...

Same old tactic

... devaluation in the eyes of the public remains with the public as a permanent and lasting impression of the value of that institution. Hence, when the Office of the Attorney General was debased ...

We will be sorry soon

... over the years. I can understand now why Americans chose the strong willed Donald Trump. Can we retrieve the situation? I doubt. Captain, the boat is sinking! Alto Daniel via email

A matter of respect

... our writers might still envy and have remained indelibly carved on our communal consciousness. But calypsos today almost lead us to think that they, the calypsonians, take themselves as social ...

Let’s find this killer

... rather than the double-pain of it remaining unsolved. Someone may well have seen something of significance that could just be the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that gives the vital ...

The Elements of Ruth

... to her career was her decision to remain in Trinidad after she came her to do an arts and culture enterprise management postgraduate diploma. “And I realised Trinidad was a good place to sort ...

Devon, defender of the crown

... he said. Nevertheless, Seale remarked that, over the years, there has been a lot of emphasis on the quality of the music by calypsonians. “Today a lot of calypsonians make greater efforts ...

Dark Treasure lights up feature SFA National Stakes

... by a comfortable two lengths over stablemat Man to comeThe 8-5 pre-race favourite King Arthur was never seen with a chance. The day began with a shock winner in Mirkana who was a 25-1 long shot ...

Connection take Pro league lead

... point for Civic this season, who remain anchored at the bottom, while seventh- placed Rangers join Police FC on 16 points. Police, sixth on the table, travelled to third-positioned Jabloteh ...

Found: 30


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