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... security cameras, clear fencing and demarcation of areas, panic buttons and security to accompany staff on the ward at nights. Ramnath said the incident was the fourth for the year. ...

Cable and Wireless earns broadcast rights for Olympics

... live television coverage, video on demand, as well as mobile and Internet streams — all of which can be accessed from each customer’s preferred device. “The best part is that we will do so at ...

Businessman shot dead in front son

... 27, underwent emergency surgery and remains warded in critical condition. At the Forensic Science Centre in St James, relatives of the murdered man were hesitant to speak with reporters about ...

Fireman had gun charge

... fireman detained by police last week following a robbery in Cunupia had previously been on a gun charge but returned to duty after being cleared. Acting Chief Fire Officer Roosevelt Bruce ...

Faris: Rowley’s a family man

... in the headlines following recent remarks made in the Parliament by Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, who without naming him, implied he was a child of rape and may have had son with a ...

Forensic expert: Blood found on duct tape at red brick house

... was adjourned early, since the foreman complained of feeling unwell. Moulden will return today to continue his evidence-in-chief. He is being led by senior State prosecutor Joy Balkaran. The ...

Jamaican women accused of stealing money remanded

... businessman in Curepe, have been remanded. Monique Dennis and Racquel Williams appeared before Magistrate Gillian David-Scotland in the First Court yesterday. On their last appearance, ...

Guyanese woman on bigamy charge

... 11:08. The charge was laid by PC Hemant Gadar of the Fraud Squad, Port-of-Spain. The charges stemmed from an allegation that Soogrim was separated from her first husband, but had not legally ...

Rap video on Rajaee

... other offences. The six are currently remanded in prison. It is unknown who is the artiste behind the song and video which comprises images of Ali and other men dressed in Muslim garb. There are ...

Hong’s funeral on Friday

... which will be held at Belgroves Funeral Home in Tacarigua, and it is believed that the Chinese ritual will go on for more than two hours. After a two hour service, Hong will be cremated.

No agreement

... gave the company. “We are here to demand that they respond in the positive. We are not going to ask for anything. We are not here to negotiate that position,” he said. The positions of ...

Parents itching for a protest

... rest of the student population will remain although no word has been given on whether or not a mystery itch which five weeks ago sent pupils and teachers to hospital, has been dealt with. Newsday ...

2 held for Valencia murder

... Omeillia who was shot in the foot, remains warded in stable condition. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Avian Remy of Vega de Oropouche, who was shot in the stomach by police on the weekend, remains ...

Acting post poses problems

... that need to be addressed was and remains key in understanding what went wrong, who was responsible and what steps should be taken towards redress. The public, if left in the dark, cannot have ...

Teacher absenteeism — a closer look

... circumstances under which students remain unsupervised during the course of the school day. Vacant positions In many of our secondary schools there are positions that have been vacant ...

Sellier grinds out Rincon victory

... and Marc Gill in third. Two young females and six boys ranging in age from five to 11 years competed in the Youth Development Kids races, and thoroughly enjoyed the river crossing that was part ...

TT ping pong juniors off to D/Republic

... comprising of nine youngsters — five females and four males. The tournament slams off with Team events followed by Doubles and Singles which are expected to conclude by Monday. Junior Team ...

Drugs contribute to hair loss

... to the toxin the state of hair loss remains the same. I overheard a friend saying, “I am depressed all the time, I need to take something to pick me up……”. My advice was to research the side ...

Educators participate in special needs workshop

... place on April 9 and 10. Diesje Hiltemann, the first occupational therapist worldwide and the only Level Four OPT (oral placement therapist) in Canada was brought in to provide integral ...

Total lack of respect for cops

... of some policemen as they singularly and in groups are led into court for robberies, rapes and assaults on the public. They do not garner respect or confidence. Gordon Dalla Costa via email

Announce election date May 24, PM

... a second time around by a UNC administration. However, if such a re-occurrence seems to be real, the Opposition should not waste any time in ensuring it does not happen. Rishi Lakhan via email

Flip side of the dog Act

... represent and portray loyalty, respect, faithfulness, and sincerity and should be treated as such. Who is protecting them from the vicious two-legged beasts? Alvin K Daniel via email

Prime land soon

... will soon become prime land just as Chaguaramas. It will be interesting to see the bidders for this island. The more things change, the more they remain the same. ME Rodriguez Trincity

TT the same

... electorate is racially polarised. Has he done a similar poll in TT? If he did I feel certain he would also find that the electorate in this country is racially polarised. AJ SAMUEL via email

Who do we vote for in coming election?

... expected actions, and ethical dealings with the MSJ, otherwise they would “cross the floor”, file a no confidence motion and vote the errant party out. Checkmate. Roger Gordon via email

Corruption is a choice

... resources that are marketable and in demand. We have no need to be corrupt and perpetuate a culture of corruption when we are naturally endowed with sufficient resources to allow opportunities ...

Suffering due to no CDAP drugs

... How can we survive when we have to buy medication? It’s only pressure for the poor man. When we die so do our votes, so please address this issue ASAP. Maria Rose Beharry via email

Ocelot born in captivity

... man. In other words, the kit must remain a wild animal in every sense of the word,” Meade said. The mother named ‘Noelle’ gave birth on Saturday at her den. She had been a resident of the ...

3-year wildlife survey for Tobago

... Environmental Management Authority (EMA) was originally mandated to carry out the survey throughout Trinidad and Tobago. The venture was expected to be financed using the Green Fund, which was ...

Business leads data revolution

... to empowered citizens — who demand reliable and open information in real time — so they can keep contributing to the creation of innovative solutions to social problems.” Against this ...

Found: 30


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