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ECLAC hails ‘historic day’

... America and the Caribbean as a whole, a region that has its own face and voice, that tries to overcome the weight of inequality via original means and that demands cooperation, not tutelage.”

Policeman dies in crash

A 38-year-old police constable attached to the Mounted Branch died early yesterday morning when he lost control of the car he was driving and crashed along the Priority Bus Route in Arouca. Accordin

Feters receive the ultimate gift

... last Saturday. The annual party remains one of the best all-inclusive events to attend during the season. The entire party was held on the compound of two houses. Food and drinks were evenly ...

Sharbodie a shining light

... transformation in his life. In his remarks, Sharbodie said he was humbled by the award and described it as a great win for the country and the local Police Service. He noted that he has lost ...

PM: Employment surge coming

... who would rather the status quo remain.” She declared that the Boardwalk project was an example of how her Government’s “people-centred development touches every area,” that it was ...

Cop put off Tobago flight

... proceed on the flight to Tobago. It remained unclear, up until late yesterday, whether the senior officer boarded another aircraft to Tobago, or if he was still in Trinidad. Acting Police ...

Astounded by attitude to the falling oil prices

... of it is that there is little awareness of such. But time heals all wounds, and maybe soon, out of this “winter of discontent” will come a quivering spring. Dr Errol Benjamin via email

Any hanging must be done in public

... drinking and urinating in public, I guarantee you this place will become crime-free. The flogging of course will create another form of peeing; that one I wouldn’t mind. K DAVID via email

Time for TT to have $500 note

... a $500 bill given the state-of-the-art security features making the note almost fakeproof. It seems to be just another step to nowhere in our beloved country. Marcus Irlacher via email

I want my son to live

... strike now by agreeing to a reasonable request for mediation. You know that it is not too late. Do what is necessary for there is a higher order. God bless. Vilma Kublalsingh via email

Unfair not to hike NIS pension also

... will not get an increase also. They remain at $3,000. I know many people who have worked hard all their lives, with NIS payments deducted from their salaries. These people do not receive pensions ...

Christmas in Calabash Alley

... all sorts of toys from the goodly gentleman. Danny passed the letter to Carol Parker who persuaded some of her many admirers to “run something” to buy the gifts which she gave the children late that ...


... a performance planned at Globe Cinema in Port-of-Spain as well.” Douglas said the memorabilia would be displayed at Sparrow’s home in Trinidad but there were plans for a “festival village” ...

Not only ‘Shoes 4 Kids’ but lunch and a movie too

... they can either call (323-7411) or email (cyrilrosshome1@gmail.com) and they would be provided with a copy of the home’s “Needs List.” The items on it are wide-ranging, but St Bernard noted ...

Pitbulls danger

... by. Those dangerous dogs could get free and cause chaos. I understand that man goes away and leaves the dogs unsupervised. Can someone reading this letter help? Clyde Jasper via email

Come see our beautiful church

... something to cheer about. Much congratulations to all the workmen who have laboured and continue to so do and to those responsible for making this church so beautiful. I RAMOUTAR via email

Support for amending CoP selection process

... for the post of commissioner, the Police Service would unquestionably find the best individual that would continue to lead with the needs of the people in mind. Zachary Persad via email

Young adults face many difficulties

... are filled with violence and that the sound that comes out of our radios are filled with negative and outrageous messages. This isn’t our fault at all. Akiel Blackwell via email

TT needs bold, fearless man of action as CoP

... recognising that his failure warranted his removal from office. Perhaps it is time for Williams to step aside and let someone else take the fight to the criminals. M Patience via email

Waste of money to bring crime expert

... made no difference whatsoever to our galloping crime rate. He however gained a fistful of dollars for useless information, and he is about to do the same again. GA Marques via email

Tim: No fee for child centres

... subject areas. He identified Mathematics, English and some of the sciences as the areas which these teachers would focus on. Gopeesingh added the ministry was also seeking to recruit over ...

Cabinet approves new NCRHA head

... she said, that derogatory anonymous emails were sent to all doctors in the country about herself, “but mostly pertaining to me,” and other senior doctors attached to the North Central Regional ...

Cutting the anchor of the past

... though the general ban on travel remains. The US’s stance on Cuba was and remains justified. The US rightly sought to avoid bloodshed by imposing economic sanctions on a nation which ...

17 years jail

... on which they all agreed, the foreman answered “No”. The judge accepted the majority verdict of seven in favour of guilty. Only in murder, is a unanimous verdict accepted. In passing sentence, ...

Daughter charged for mom’s murder

... and Williams are expected to return to court on January 15. Millington was remanded to the Women’s Prison in Arouca while Williams was remanded to the Port-of-Spain Prison at Frederick Street.

CAL may fly to Cuba

... trade embargo imposed since the 1960s remains in place until the US congress legislates its removal. Meanwhile, US president Barack Obama signaled he could use executive action to substantially ...


... in place since the Cuban Revolution – remains. However, the US administration said it would welcome moves by congress to ease or lift the embargo should lawmakers choose to do so via the required ...


... Street, Port of Spain, thence to the Crematorium, Long Circular Road, St. James at 11:30 am For enquiries please contact Clark and Battoo at 625-1170. ROSALES-DOUGLAS: ALDA also known as ...

Citizens still do not feel safe with the crime cut

... only do they fail to accomplish their goals, but the people begin to lose faith in the institutions and the Government as a result, and this doesn’t benefit anybody. Ravi Maharaj via email

Process plants do not build an economy

... we do not see that building the most valuable asset, our human resource, is key to sustainable economic development — not a super store nor joint-venture plants per se. Mary King via email

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