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... body was badly burnt the front torso remained intact. As a result of the findings of the autopsy homicide officers returned to Fidelis Heights to search for the murder weapon which they believe ...

Engineer in the hot seat

... by CE Management and Services Ltd (Cemas) to work on the towers. Three buildings were originally planned, but only two constructed. The Senior Counsel noted that since 2009, concerns were ...

Pundit on rape charges put on $.5M bail

... he had sexual intercourse with a female without her consent. She read the other charges of indecent assault and grievous sexual assault on the said alleged victim, age 17. The offences are ...

Intern at DPP’s Office fined $6,500 for drunk driving

... alcohol. But Doolal told the policeman, “I working in the DPP office; I know my rights. If you lash me, I will give you a lawsuit faster than that.” It was PC Gerald who had confronted Doolal ...

Rowley: PM must fire AG

... Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday demanded Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar fire Anand Ramlogan as Attorney General in the wake of allegations of witness tampering. Recalling the ...

Plight of preschool teachers

... (which, incidentally, has not been systematically reviewed or updated) declared that the early childhood level of education “must serve as the cradle for the establishment of a genuinely ...

Probe reveals no conspiracy to pervert course of justice

... leader to file his defence in the Emailgate defamation lawsuit. Having failed to file the defence by the time stipulated by the court, Ramlogan was able to secure a judgment in default ...

Ramsingh’s Sports World donates boxing gear

... women and girls to boxing to increase female participation in Trinidad and Tobago, Ramnarine said that there has been a lot of interest from women who are looking to the programme to teach them how ...

That’s not right way, newspapers

... Why should the newspapers speak about wheelchair-bound only? They should also describe persons as hearing aid-bound, spectacles-bound, crutches-bound and pacemaker-bound. Haydn Murray via email

Can we get over the hurdle of incompetence?

... unite as one people committed to rebuilding our nation. The task ahead is great but not unsurmountable. Soon it would be time to get in our sections and play mas. Steve Alvarez via email

Howai: Budget may be revised...again

... Howai said, “the Ministry of Finance remains confident the nation’s financial buffers are strong enough to address immediate concerns of the recent decline in oil prices.” The buffers he was ...

Kamla proposes US$B energy fund

... establishment of a Caribbean Energy Thematic Fund for Caricom member states. She said the fund would be intended to address regional energy security. Persad-Bissessar made the suggestion during an ...

Fuad hits low turnout at medical seminar

... something at your level, you will remain at that level. That is my take-home message for doctors.” Commending the two neurosurgeons from China who were at the forefront of organising the ...

Soca Monarch on the Greens

... show into early morning. The evening saw confetti, fireworks, gyrating dancers (male and female), skits and even a prayer, all thrown into the entertainment which at times varied from highs to lows.

‘The Where is Life Concept’

... Call 365-7648 now and book your space for the upcoming Workshop - “Women’s Success Towards Self-sufficiency & Financial Independence”. Email: thecorporatesuitett@gmail.com

Has soca become groovy?

... from the audience. Big flags, rags, remained in a kind of quiet trance. Confetti, fireworks, gyrating dancers (male and female) did nothing to awaken the unusually silent crowd. Although the ...

Crowds turned out for two Soca Monarch semis

... The majority of persons interviewed remain unaffected by the change in venues. Kevin Pierre of D’Abadie explained, “We are accustomed to the Velodrome, but the Savannah is a nice change. More room ...

Cops in fist fight

... senior officer involved in the brawl remained detained all of Saturday night and yesterday he was slapped with the three charges by acting ASP Smith. Up until midday yesterday, the officer had not ...

Crowds cheer first sight of cubs

... yesterday. She first brought out the female and walked around with her then placed her on the ground for a while. When she felt the crowd had their fill she took the cub back inside and then ...

Husband blames scented candle for Marcia’s death

... his wife. The husband Sheldon, who remained at the men’s surgical ward at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, also told officers that on Friday night, he and Henville spent the ...

Shot man remains warded at hospital

... Baptiste, 30, remains warded at the San Fernando General Hospital after being allegedly shot by a close male relative, police reported yesterday. The suspect has not been held, but ...

TT Zoo’s work highlighted in India

... Valley Zoo, Lutchmedial opted to remain in Trinidad, confident in the ability of his Conservation Adviser to represent the ZSTT in the best possible manner. The organisers of the Conference ...

Murder most foul

... submission is upheld.” The case remains unsolved. In 2002, neighbours reported hearing the screams of an elderly woman around 6.20pm on August 3. They said they saw the couple’s vehicle ...

No internal elections as PM marks fifth year as political leader

... years ago when she became the first female Political Leader of a major political party in this country. In a press released issued by Roopnarine, it stated that the Women’s Arm was proud of ...

Rowley: Govt using Treasury like LINX card

... that has stood the test of time and remained firm and unshakeable. PNM Chairman Franklin Khan in his remarks predicted that PNM Political Leader Dr Keith Rowley will not only become this ...

Prime Minister in Washington for energy talks

... of government, followed by public remarks by vice-president Biden and a series of high-level panel discussions. The summit is a key component of the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative, ...

bpTT VSEP to 1,000 workers not surprising

... VSEP was offered to bpTT staff via email on January 22 and employees have until 4 pm on Monday February 9 to respond to the VSEP offer. This is part of the BP Group-wide programme to, “increase ...

Adjust or be adjusted

... devaluation would not quickly impact demand for imports and was concerned that the unions could alleviate this impact by asking for salary/wage increases. Hence the CBTT introduced the EC-0 to ...

PNM engaged in political mischief

... or so they would like us to believe. It appears to me therefore that the PNM is engaging in political mischief on a very serious issue of national interest. Sam Johnson via email

Lewis achieves initial goal

... that the journey was vigourous, but remained optimistic about the benefits derived from his initiative. “It was tough but very good because I had a lot of support,” said Lewis. “Tony Lee did a ...

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