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Tuesday, November 25 2014





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$100,000 REWARD

... touch with Ms Keil, who at this time remains severely traumatised, but has not yet made any request to the THA or the Government for assistance. London said the THA is available to offer any ...


... significant game in this country’s female football history. Trinidad and Tobago’s senior women’s team will have their third and final chance of securing a place in next year’s FIFA Women’s ...

Cunupia stay first in Central League

... FC remained top of the nine-team standings in the Central Football Association (CFA) CRIL-sponsored Premier League. Last Tuesday, Cunupia breezed past third-placed Enterprise Youths FC 3-1 at ...

Karim: ‘Graduates for Hire/Higher’

... needs”, adding that it must be “demand-led, not supply-driven” in order for the national economy to thrive. Graduates, industry representatives and current students came out in their numbers ...

Child abuse survivors operate in crisis mode

... & Financial Independence” SANDRINE RATTAN is a communications consultant who has also studied psychology, environmental relationships and sociology. Email: thecorporatesuitett@gmail.com


... 10 am at JE Guide Funeral Home and Crematorium Ltd, 120 Coffee Street, San Fernando followed by burial at Roodal Cemetery. Enquiries can be made at J E Guide Funeral Home Ltd 120 Coffee Street, ...

More male teachers needed

... He said 72 percent of teachers are female and 28 percent male. “So there is a lot of work that we have to do still at the Ministry of Education, and that the fathers of the nation and the ...

Ugly encounter on Tobago beach

... have to take turns going in an’ out of thee wattar.” In other words, he recognised our “security” moves. It’s very sad to read the double murder of this German couple. K David via email

Calypsonian caught in act

... things nationally. I can only now wonder what behaviour to expect, heaven forbid, should this man — and the behaviour he evidently represents — be successful. Yusuf Codrington via email

Massive blow against tourism

... Seetahal still remains unsolved after more than six months, are we still in a water-in- the-basket scenario with respect to homicide detection rates in this country? Reza Abasali El Socorro

How TT affected by oil price fall

... prices to $6.25. Assuming inelastic demand for fruit, the quantity demanded does not change. Revenue would now be $1,020 from apples and $105 from pineapples, for a total of $1,125, an increase ...

Cut the football hype

... position we have been in for years, never being able to get over the hump because of poor coaches and lack of funding by the government and the private sector. GERARD JOHNSON via email

A life saved by caring, dedicated staff at SFGH

... Fernando General Hospital (SFGH). To remain silent in the midst of such bounty is to miss a unique opportunity to provide a fillip to those who serve within the healthcare system. On behalf of ...

A bundle of holes

... so driving there is a bigger challenge than before. Why is WASA allowing its good work in supplying water to be negated by poor workmanship by their contractors? L Ramoutar via email

Death to corruption

... Reasons: Population is too high for available space. Pay rate is too low. Lack of good paying jobs. Death to corruption. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. CLEVE ARCHIBALD via email

Caribbean Airlines defends CEO’s salary

... the complex relationships and demands of various stakeholder groups as well as refining the business model agreed on by the board of the airline with a view to ensuring its financial ...

Copa manager: Crime won’t hurt travel

... impact on ticket prices, such as “demand, the availability of seats, the route — there are a number of things which impact it.” She added that Copa maintained a competitive fare structure even ...

Ex-cop testifies in murder trial

... a house. The evidence of retired policeman Sgt Gobin Harrypersad was solicited by the State in the San Fernando High Court yesterday, with him telling about accused number one Avinash Pooran in ...

Doctors now blame lawyers

... The case, after several court rules, remained in train. Nunez-Teshiera’s legal team was changed and includes Douglas Mendes SC and attorneys from JD Sellier and Company. Now, the other side of ...

Man charged for father-in-law’s murder

... Ramlal Ramroop, 66, and was remanded into custody. A smiling Kumar Lutchmansingh appeared before Magistrate Armina Deonarinesingh charged with the murder of pensioner Ramroop of Canque ...

Shania’s daddy still in jail

... bail, that would allow him to leave Remand Yard to help plan the funeral for his murdered 14-month-old daughter Shania. Amoroso, 24, on a charge of stealing household items, reappeared in the ...

Woman shot dead

... MURDER of fish vendor Seema Khemragie Balkaran, 33, on Sunday night has left not only her family in shock but patrons at the village bar where she was liming mere seconds before being lured to ...

Azmon’s long road to capture

... is said to have decided to remain silent, but was seen conversing with other prisoners. His mother, Mary, said after Newsday broke the news to her on Sunday that her son was detained ...


... the Arima Police Station, Alexander remained calm and quiet. He said nothing else to the officers. At about midday yesterday he was removed from the cell, a brown jersey placed over his face, ...

A compelling look at men’s health

... inability to meet the overwhelming demands have taxed governments to the limit. Conversely, private hospitals have turned the Hippocratic Oath on its head, bleeding those seeking an alternative ...

Devil in the silk cotton tree

... of death, knocked on Le Bois’ door, demanding to take his soul and end his days. The old carpenter agreed but asked to be granted one last wish. He explained, “Boss, during all mih years ...

Taste D Neighbour's Sorrel Chutney

... that became a business because of the demand. I would throw together things that I think would taste good together and play around with ingredients a lot because I felt and still feel that things do ...

Hockey women miss medal; stickmen go for gold

... faced Josue Edwin Enriquez of Guatemala last night in the men’s singles round while Wilson battled Lewis Walters of Jamaica. In badminton action, TT mixed doubles team lost to Guatemala 3-0 ...


... made at Belgroves Funeral Home and Crematorium Tel# 223-2178, to extend condolences to the family of Clifford Clarendon Craig Haynes please log on to www.belgroves.com. PRIMUS: SAM EGBERT of LP 5 ...

CAL stink not from CEO wage

... the constant odour of stale urine that emanates from the toilets on its planes. This is present even before a flight takes off, when it may be assumed that this facility is at its ...

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