Charles: Why Anita family had to wait five months? Sinanan: Galleons Passage to arrive in Cuba tonight AG: Gov't working hard to get TT off EU blacklist Fathers of murdered teen and hitman reconcile Converse reverse: popular brand to close TT stores
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Saturday 26 May 2018
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Corey Connelly

My name is Corey Connelly and I am a Senior Sunday Desk Reporter at Daily News Limited (Newsday). I have been in the media for the past 19 years, eight of which has been spent at the Newsday. Although I have been exposed to several facets of media, over the years, I have a particular preference for features, news features, special reports and analytical pieces. In the upcoming weeks I intend to channel my energies into a series titled, Struggling Mothers, which deals with absence of paternal support in raising children.

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