Fyzabad woman, 30, dies by suicide

Aneisha Jagoo -
Aneisha Jagoo -

A 30-year-old Fyzabad woman, the mother of one, died by suicide on Monday.

An eight-year-old female relative found the body of Aneisha Jagoo, 30, shortly after 11 am.

Jagoo was in the kitchen of the wooden house at Forest Reserve Road.

Her husband, Anand, who works in a tyre shop, was not at home when it happened. He said the child called him with the tragic news, and he immediately left work.

“This came as a shock to me. I do not know why she did it. I was talking to her on the phone earlier in the morning. I called back and she was not answering. I called the child on her phone. I told her tell Aneisha to answer her phone,” Anand said on Tuesday.

The child and other children were playing in the yard. She went inside to deliver the message and found Jagoo'sbody.

Anand said Jagoo had previously spoken of taking her life and had made a previous attempt a few months ago. She was taken to the Siparia District Health Facility and transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital.

“She said no one can stop her. I tried to talk and reason with her. I begged her to get help,” Anand said.

“She always said she was going to meet her mother and father."

Her mother died 11 years ago on October 10 and her father on November 1, six years ago.

September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month.

The Ministry of Health’s website says suicide prevention is everyone's business.

Where to get help

Anyone who needs help can call Lifeline (24-hour hotline) at 800-5588, 231-2824, 220-3636

In case of an emergency (attempted suicide), people can call 990, 811 or 999.

Some warning signs of suicide include mood changes, saying goodbye to close friends and family and giving away possessions, feeling hopeless and like a burden to others.


"Fyzabad woman, 30, dies by suicide"

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