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Saturday 23 June 2018
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ECA to workers: Watch games on lunch hour or record them

Workers took some time to watch the world cup game with Russia and Saudi Arabia today. Photo: Enrique Asson

As World Cup 2018 fever spreads across the world today, with the first match between Russia and Saudi Arabia kicked off, workers have been encouraged to use their lunch hours to view the games or to use recordings.

In an interview, CEO of the Employer’s Consultative Association Stephanie Fingal said the service to customers must not be affected, and workers must fulfil their obligations to their company.

“Work has to go on and in today’s world we do have recordings. We will encourage people if you do want to see the games, companies can record the games and during the lunch hour or after work they can organise little staff events for workers to have fun.

“We do have the facilities from technology advancement to record and the encouragement to have people look at the games during working hours are not going to be very productive and serve their customers well, we cannot encourage that.”


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