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Saturday 23 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Let’s all stop the littering

THE EDITOR: Litter is widespread in TT. It’s like an epidemic. Almost everywhere garbage is present – on the highways, in communities, seas and rivers. I see various types of plastic, Styrofoam containers, and glass bottles.

Some people discard trash from their moving vehicles. Others indiscriminately dump garbage in various places, not considering the harmful effects on the environment. Parks and beaches are littered.

This behaviour is irresponsible and unlawful, contributing to seasonal flooding. Where is the pride for our country? The EMA and others provide recycling facilities so let’s appreciate the environment and dispose of our garbage appropriately.

This action will elevate us to the international standard in waste management disposal and in tourism. We are promoting tourism and the amount of litter we have on our streets is not profitable.

The irony about this situation is when our people travel to other countries we adhere to their laws. There is an old phrase that “charity begins at home.” So let’s commit to a cleaner society, especially for our future generations.



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