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Monday 18 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Will new buses bring change

THE EDITOR: To the chairman of PTSC and the Minister of Works and Transport, I see that we got new buses. Will the 35 new buses bring relief to the commuters and ease the all the woes that we, the travelling public, are having, especially, in the Arima route?

Will those buses make a difference? Will commuters still have to wait for three hours before they can get a bus? I, especially, mean Arima because they have the most problems.

Will the buses will be on time every day? And will the drivers be committed to drive the buses only and be respectful and courteous to the commuters?

I hope that these problems will be rectified so some kind of comfort could be brought to the travelling public.

Modicia Martin via e-mail


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Letters to the Editor

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