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Sunday 27 May 2018
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Police want help finding ‘Hot Cop’

PROFESSIONAL Standards Bureau (PSB) officers who have been viewing video footage from the Morvant police station have not obtained images of a Latina woman entering the station.

The officers seized footage from ten cameras after photos of a woman wearing the uniform of a police inspector assigned to the Morvant police station went viral on social media. The inspector, Michael Sooker, has since been suspended.

The woman, who previously worked as a bartender at a club known as Spanish Harlem, has not been found.

Police led by ASP Ferdinand took video footage from the Morvant station two weeks ago but could not ascertain when she entered the station or for how long.

As a result they have been reviewing footage from earlier this year. The process has been described as time-consuming.

Yesterday investigators asked police and members of the public who may have information on the woman’s whereabouts to contact the PSB.


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