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Saturday 26 May 2018
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Letters to the Editor

More moneywelcome news

THE EDITOR: I welcome the news that the Ministry of Education will get an additional $159 million, part of which will go towards paying school janitors. The salary of janitors is very small and they can be seen as not important, but they provide a critical service every day by maintaining clean and healthy facilities for teachers, students and visitors to schools.

This is good news also for many principals who have been struggling to find money to pay for goods and services which are critical for the smooth operation of their schools.

I am also happy to hear that school security will be addressed with financial assistance to ensure safety. This is a very important issue since even teachers in some areas have expressed fears for their personal security.

Considering the prevailing financial constraints, Minister Anthony Garcia and his team at the ministry must be complimented for their efforts to secure additional funds for principals to run their schools properly.

, Port of Spain


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Letters to the Editor

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