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Friday 25 May 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Fighting crime through meetings

THE EDITOR: When the murder toll was several hundred last year, the Minister of National Security held a meeting with security commanders to see what could be done.

The result was an even greater upsurge in murders. This year, the new fashion is gang slayings, that is gangsters killing each other for fun, reprisal or target practice.

Now with the murder toll at just over 200, it needed a screaming headline of “Murder 201” for the minister to summon another similar meeting. Was he not reading the news about the number of killings, home invasions, missing people, seeing the videos of robberies with violence all over the media?

Every day on the TV6 police programme, all we see are marijuana being confiscated, greetings to all in the “global house” and a police “big-up” to polish an apology for the murder spree in each division. We hear about the number of tickets, the number of roadblocks that only target the law-abiding people, except maybe for a few drunks. Nothing of a concrete strategy from frustrated police officers.

Will the minister hide the nakedness of his and by extension the Government’s failure to fight the crime boom with the proverbial fig leaf of porous borders from the last administration, the non-appointment of a Commissioner of Police, or the dismantling of the spy agency, or even the sale of the useless, worthless blimp?

What will happen when the murder toll reaches 300, 400 or even the projected 600 by year’s end? Another meeting?

, Glencoe


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