Boy, 12, raped

A 12-YEAR-OLD primary schoolboy on his way to lessons in Port of Spain on Saturday, was forced into an SUV, his head covered with a hood, his eyes covered with duct tape and driven to an unknown location where he was sexually assaulted. The boy was later released at Lady Young Road, Morvant.

At 9 am, the boy was walking along Gordon Street in Port of Spain, when the driver of a dark-coloured SUV pulled alongside, pointed a gun at him and ordered him into the SUV. After he was driven away and sexually assaulted, he was taken to the Lady Young Road and thrown out of the car.

He removed the hood and the duct tape and found his way to the Morvant police station, where he reported what had happened. Police took the boy to the Port of Spain CID, where WPC Mc Clean took a report from him. He was examined by a district medical officer. After the boy’s parents were called, his traumatised relatives were in a state of shock and disbelief over the incident.

The boy was said to be traumatised and was comforted by police both at the Morvant station and the Port of Spain CID. He is expected to receive counselling from the police Victim and Witness Support Unit. Yesterday, Child Protection Unit police teamed up with the Port of Spain CID to assist in this investigation.

They said they will be searching for surveillance footage in the area where the boy was abducted to help them identify the suspect. Police said parents should be cautious about allowing their children to walk the streets by themselves.


"Boy, 12, raped"

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