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Sunday 17 June 2018
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Bandit shot by customer

A customer at a Barataria supermarket shot one of two bandits last Wednesday. The customer, who has a licenced firearm, was at the supermarket when two men announced a hold-up. As the bandits, who were also armed with guns, terrorised the owners of the supermarket, demanding cash, the customer pulled out his firearm and fired at one of the assailants.

The bandit was shot in the leg.

They ran out of the supermarket, also leaving their car at the Priority Bus Route.

Half-an-hour later, the shot bandit went to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope for treatment.

The police were contacted, but by the time they went to the hospital, the bandit left.

Police said they were viewing surveillance footage from the supermarket and searching for two suspects.


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