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Monday 23 April 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Naked double standards

THE EDITOR: I saw reported in the papers last week that someone was arrested for showing pornographic pictures to school children. What about showing nude drawings to the public in an art gallery?

There is, currently, an exhibition of such material showing at a gallery in Port of Spain.

Naked men cavorting in the surf, naked women with naked men, naked women with other naked women, and naked pregnant women with animals. All their private parts fully and shamelessly exposed.

Why aren’t the earnest religious protestors of the change in the buggery law getting worked up about this? Our school children may innocently go to this show expecting to see art instead of this erotic trash.

This is supposed to be a drawing exhibition, can’t this artist draw our stately old houses, our gorgeous scenes of coconut trees and beaches, our beautiful trees and colourful flowers, instead of naked people?

One is surrounded by nakedness on the four walls of this gallery.

What is the police going to do about this?



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Letters to the Editor

Appalled by hate speech

THE EDITOR: I was appalled and scandalised at the hateful accusations levelled against citizens leading

Thanks Carmona

THE EDITOR: On behalf of myself and my family I want to thank former President