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Monday 23 April 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Being our brother’s keeper

THE EDITOR: I was very happy to learn in the news that the Ministry of Education announced that the Guyanese student would be allowed to write the SEA examination next month.

I commend the Ministry for taking quick and vital action to find a resolution to the case involving this student who was being prevented from sitting the 2018 Secondary Assessment Examination (SEA) because he was not a citizen of this country.

The Ministry of Education has treated this matter in a very humane manner in facilitating the right of the child to sit the SEA come May 3.

I was very glad to learn that the Education Minister Anthony Garcia promptly engaged the Attorney General to ensure the child was immediately returned to his regular Standard Five class.

The Ministry’s action has also brought great relief to the worried parents and their child who would have been emotionally distressed if this issue was not resolved and the child was denied the opportunity to write the exam.

Such a move also shows that, not only the Ministry of Education, but all Trinbagonians are caring and compassionate people for our fellow Caribbean brothers and sisters.

Mary Bramble, Port of Spain


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Letters to the Editor

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