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Sunday 22 April 2018
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Granny killed in collision

A 72-year-old woman was killed in a road accident on Thursday, and her grandson is angry about the slow response of the emergency services.

Angela Ganga was driving along Scott Junction, Penal Rock Road, Penal around 2pm on Thursday when an approaching driver slammed into her car.

She was taken to the Siparia Health Facility but was declared dead on arrival.

The other driver was treated and discharged.

On Thursday, Ganga’s grandson Nari Seebalack took to social media to complain about the inefficiency of the emergency services, including the police and an ambulance. Seebalack said he got to the scene within five minutes, but the police took 20 minutes to get there. An ambulance took 30 minutes, he said.

“When they got here, the ambulance driver was not even using his siren, he was just coming up in the traffic like normal,” an emotional Seebalack said. “The response time of these people, who we are paying to drive up and down, is really poor.

“I had to watch my grandmother die in front of me.”


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