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Sunday 22 April 2018
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Don’t repeal buggery law

THE EDITOR: I am in sympathy with the activists who are labouring day and night for the law of buggery to be repealed, and for gay rights and abortion to be legalised in this country.

However, I say they are in ignorance, not meant as sarcasm nor condemnation. Many countries have done this and, every so often, we hear of calamity after calamity, in greater numbers, in those countries. I keep wondering whether those countries have lost their spiritual covering, since there is the contravention of the principles of God.

I beseech the relevant authorities here to resist making such a move which, if done, will result in a bitter end to sweet TT. Please don’t do it.



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Thanks Carmona

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A question of rights

MARINA SALANDY-BROWN Rights are taken very seriously in some countries, in others we just don’t recognise