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Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Is TTUTA against quality education?

THE EDITOR: As a former teacher, I am totally disappointed over the decision by the TT Unified Teachers Association to encourage teachers to resist efforts by the Ministry of Education to ensure clinical supervision is conducted in our schools.

On March 9, I read in total amazement an article in which TTUTA took a decision to advise its members against writing lesson plans/notes of lessons. This is one of the most ridiculous and backward steps taken in the history of the union. It proves that TTUTA under the leadership of its current president, Lynsley Doodhai, is not committed to improving the quality of education for students and the professional development of its members/teachers.

A teacher’s lesson plans are guides for organising his/her materials and for the purpose of helping students achieve the intended learning outcomes. Therefore, this decision by TTUTA is like a builder constructing a house without a building plan.

Lesson planning is a creative process and there are many important benefits of this activity. Good planning allows for more effective teaching and learning and also for teachers to evaluate their own knowledge with regard to the content to be taught. Finally, I find it very troubling that TTUTA is also telling even assistant teachers that they have no obligation to write lesson plans/notes of lesson. This is definitely a recipe for mediocrity and a lowering of the education standards. TTUTA is very much aware that teacher training institutions place great emphasis on lesson planning and writing, especially for beginning teachers.

MARY BRAMBLE, Port of Spain


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