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Friday 22 June 2018
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Police search for man in Sobo Village Massacre

The house in Kanhai Settlement, Sobo Village La Brea, where police found the bodies of four people on Tuesday night. Photo: Vashti Singh

Relatives of Abigail Chapman, 41, Olivia Chapman, 15, Michaela Mason, 14, and Michael Scott, 69, the four people who were found dead in a house on Kanhai Settlement, Sobo Village, La Brea, believe they may have all been killed by one man. Police are also on the hunt for the same man, who was well known to Abigail.

While speaking to Abigail's family members at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, Newsday was told that less than a week before the massacre, the obsessed male relative stormed the house and ambushed Abigail, putting a knife to her throat.

Newsday was told that Abigail was entering her home on Wednesday last, however, the male relative was lurking nearby, and as she opened her door at the ground level of the house, he ambushed her.

They had a heated conversation, during which he drew a knife and put it to her throat.

That day, Abigail escaped with her life, but police are working on the theory that he returned sometime between Monday and Tuesday morning, and that final encounter turned fatal.

Newsday was also told by family members that Abigail was warned to go to the police and make a report on the matter, but senior police officers told Newsday that no report had been made.

Autopsies on the four murder victims have determined that Abigail and Michael died from blunt force trauma to the head, while Michaela and Olivia's throats were slit.


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