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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Grateful for theMusic Festival

THE EDITOR: Despite our sea of troubles, we’re again privileged to have the staging of our national Music Festival. I’m grateful that the State agencies, sponsors and organisers have taken up the challenge to effect this impressive labour of love.

It’s heartening to be an onlooker at the joyous striving for excellence of all the performers and to grasp, if only partially, the scope of the commitment of the supporting cast of teachers, accompanists, adjudicators, mentors and volunteers. Thanks also to the media for continuing coverage of the events.

In a similar vein, my appreciation for the film distributors who have taken the risk of screening critically acclaimed movies that don’t necessarily have popular box-office appeal.

Seeing thought-provoking movies such as Dunkirk, Their Darkest Hour, Three Billboards Outside Ebbings Missouri and The Shape of Water has been refreshing. And, happily, we now have the TT Movie Festival to look forward to.


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