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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Disease outbreak in the making

Disease outbreakin themaking

THE EDITOR: On Sunday I waited at City Gate for the rain to subside. I had missed the noon Arima bus and decided I would take a taxi to Curepe, but the rains came. Almost an hour later the rain subsided and the 1 pm bus came. Going past Beetham I saw all the streets flooded. We then passed through water on the Priority Bus Route, going from the north side into Beetham Gardens; lots of water.

I have travelled this route many times and have been appalled by the lack of interest shown by all the authorities/agencies in cleaning the smelly, contaminated, rancid drains in the Beetham area – thick black water with all forms of garbage floating.

On Sunday the rain water mixed with the putrid drain water and flooded out Beetham Gardens. I am sure people walked through these waters to get out of or back to their homes. Children would have also walked through the waters.

This is a serious health issue and neither the Port of Spain Corporation, the Ministry of Works, the Ministry of Health nor any of the various administrations or agencies have shown any desire to alleviate this situation.

Something must be done now or we will find ourselves part of a widespread disease outbreak that we may find difficult to recover from.

JOHN S GASKIN via e-mail


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