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Saturday 23 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Guards need PR training

THE EDITOR: Very often we hear about the callous and disrespectful attitude of security guards from private security firms. Some are hired by government entities such as ministries, local government offices and private firms such as banks.

Members of the public often complain about the shoddy treatment meted out to them by these guards. Given that it is a minimum paying job, these security personnel should at least have some degree of public relations training since they interface with the public. Often they are the first contact one has when engaging the services of some institutions.

On Monday, I had the unfortunate privilege of twice witnessing unprofessional treatment of clients at the San Fernando General Hospital and the Teaching Hospital, both on the same compound.

I first heard a visitor telling the guard to get her hands out of her face (ie the visitor’s face). And it was an embarrassing situation as several people had gathered around to witness the altercation.

Later, another guard was heard ordering a visitor “out of the car park” as it was “full.” On both occasions the guards were loud and boisterous. Both were wearing the same light blue shirt and dark trousers.

The security firm which employs these individuals would do well to provide some level of training before sending their employees out into the public. Their behaviour certainly gives the public health system a very bad image – as if it isn’t bad enough.

WKS HOSEIN, Chaguanas


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