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Sunday 25 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Four hours too long

THE EDITOR: We are told that the new ferry will take four hours to travel to Tobago while the current average time is four hours and 15 minutes for the TT Spirit and TT Express. What we are not told is that the Spirit and the Express only take four hours and 15 minutes because of their state of disrepair.

Part of the discontent about the ferry service is the fact that the TT Express and the TT Spirit have been allowed to fall into such disrepair that they take over four hours. The new boat is almost like the Spirit and the Express in disrepair. Tobago needs a fast ferry which will make the trip in two and a half hours, not four. The super fast Galicia took five hours because it was not a fast ferry but a cargo boat.

JOHN MCKAY, Woodbrook


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