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Friday 25 May 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Time to move up

THE EDITOR: Firstly, let me send greetings to Pan Trinbago on the staging of its 55th Panorama, within the unsettled environment in pan’s fraternity.

That said, I have long advocated that the medium bands and large bands categories in the National Panorama should merge.

The reason being that some of the bands in the Medium Category are playing just as good or even better than the large bands.

Then too, there is the situation where the medium bands are as big as the large bands. What a joke!

However, there is another situation I am looking at: the top bands in the Medium Category have been staying there until thy kingdom come to “eat ah food.”

The question has to be asked: how come a band like first Citizens Supernovas has arisen from a small band to the large band category, and bands like four-time winner Pan Elders as well as Pan Explosion, Cordettes, Katzenjammers and Dixieland have remained mired in the medium band category? I await an answer to this troubling pan question.

Bands must move up the ranks.

Maybe the time has come for a ranking system in pan.

I am amazed that the captain of Pan Elders should say the band is staying in the Medium Category and is attempting a fivepeat.

Keith “Culture Man” Anderson, Santa Cruz


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