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Tuesday 20 February 2018
Carnival Features

Traditional Carnival on Nelson Island

Felix Edinborough (Pierrot Grenade) performing on Nelson Island in 2017.

Traditional Carnival characters will parade on the Nelson Island Heritage Site for the Nelson Island Carnival Tour from 10 am to 2 pm on February 6.

The annual event will showcase performances by Brimblers pan group and several characters including the pierrot grenade, blue devil, jab jab, moko jumbie, dame Lorraine, black Indian, fancy sailor and minstrels.

The Carnival tour is a part of the National Trust’s drive to educate citizens about the built, natural and cultural heritage of TT.

This heritage site has a diverse history and has served as a quarantine station for the East Indians during Indentureship; Tubal Uriah Butler’s incarceration location during World War II and; the detainment centre for the Black Power revolutionaries in 1970.

Additionally, the island has the oldest roofed building in continuous use which was built in 1802.

Tickets for the Nelson Island Carnival Tour are available at the office of the National Trust, 68-70 Sackville Street, Port of Spain; the Water Taxi Service terminals, Port of Spain and San Fernando.

Cost is $200 for members and juniors, seniors (60+) - $225 and $250 for non-members.

For more info: 625-6340, 225-4750 or email: chenelle.spooner@planning.gov.tt


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Carnival Features