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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Ali not giving up fight for cricket

Former national cricketer Zaheer Ali is not giving up his fight for the sport of cricket.

Ali was, this week, shut out of a lawsuit between Sportt chairman Dinanath Ramnarine and former West Indies batsman Daren Ganga and the TT Cricket Board (TTCB).

In a statement, Ali said he acknowledged the decision of Justice Jacqueline Wilson to dismiss his application to join the lawsuit, and was carefully considering his legal options; hinting at the possibility of an appeal.

Ali insisted that the interest of the sport was of paramount importance.

“I am confident that the application created further interest and emphasised and demonstrated the need for urgency on the part of the parties with the intention of swift justice,” he said.

Ali contended the curtailment of the elections was in contravention of the TTCB’s constitution and placed the national cricketing body in financial distress.

A TTCB-nominee, Ali said he was confident he fulfilled his duty to the public and his fiduciary obligations to the local cricketing body. He has also urged both parties to the lawsuit to consider the best interest of the sport and “all of whom the sport touches and concerns at heart.”

The election of a new executive was stopped on October 29, 2016, after an agreement was made between the TTCB and the former West Indies cricketers, who are contending that certain articles of the TTCB’s constitution governing the election process was unconstitutional.


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