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Tuesday 20 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Grassroots man to the max

THE EDITOR: I hope all those politicians, businessmen and other influential people don’t only sing the praises lofty and lustily of former president George Maxwell Richards, affectionately called Max, but take pages out of his book of life.

If they do that, TT will be a better place.

Let’s be serious. No man (or woman) is perfect.

Many people, including me, could learn much from the man.

Max was not easy at all. The man was really grassroots.

One day, as principal of the University of the West Indies, pushing the annual UWI Carnival fete to help students, he turns up at the Bomb newspaper in slippers, looking nondescript.

Another “rootical” behaviour of Max was taking a slow wine in Desperadoes at Panorama. What was comical is that security could not keep up with Max.



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