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Monday 19 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Dillon should be a patriot and resign

THE EDITOR: National Security Minister Edmund Dillon needs to take a step back and really analyse what his plans for the next few months are.

The task is not an easy one as we can all agree but after 28 months we can see no tangible positive effects from his tenure. Even with the help of two junior National Security Ministers, crime (including murders) just keeps increasing.

What is more frustrating is that he keeps towing the Government line that the Opposition UNC’s non-support of the Anti-Gang Bill is responsible for the murders.

Both sides were responsible for that failure, and the Opposition Leader has written to the Government trying to have the bill returned to Parliament. Whatever her reasons are she should be commended for it and the offer taken up by the Government. The fact is that there are many other laws and means of fighting crime which he can utilised.

The people of this country are not fools and that fickle argument being put forward by the Government is only serving to anger citizens more and more every time it is repeated.

I voted for the PNM last general election and it is becoming increasingly embarrassing for PNM supporters to keep having to defend the poor performance of Dillon.

If the PNM hopes to win the next general election it may be wise to change course at the Ministry of National Security now as this excuse-making and blame game is too much for even PNM supporters now as we are also victims of crime.

I for one would rather vote for another party if it means better safety and security for my family and I. Please Minister Dillon, be a PNM patriot and resign.



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