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Sunday 24 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

See something, say something

THE EDITOR: The watch words in USA towards the fight of crime is “See something, say something” that is, give the agencies that fight crime the information.

We in TT have adopted the opposite, “See something, say nothing” blame the Government and the police. This is said daily more so after the dreaded word “murder” and can be seen via news in electronic, print and social media.

The question is asked who are the victims and perpetrators of murders in this country or any other, the citizens or residents? Who are most likely to see the commission of the crime or any other infringement of the law? The people. Am I right? Who harbours criminals from being arrested? The people. So who is to be blame for the low detection rate and the escalating murder rate. In every community in TT, the people know who are the drug dealers and gunmen for it is displayed before their eyes.

When the public assists the police with information, that is giving them food. No food – or information – will starve the police. Isn’t that simple language? I do agree there are bad eggs within the Police Service that ought to be weeded out, but who encourages the corrupt officers and protects them by not making reports to the agencies? You, John Public.

I was told by a Primary School teacher that there are delinquent students whose parents are failures in giving the children proper parental guidance. These children are seen to be heading fast down the road of trouble and their role models are the gang leaders. Where are the schools’ guidance counsellors where are the communities who protect and rear these children.

Mr and Mrs Citizen stop the blame game of accusing the Government and the police for your failures and adopt the Motto: “See Something Say Something.” 2018 is 14 days old and the murder rate is almost twice that figure.

I am begging save the nation, stop gossiping and talk to the relevant authorities.

Athelston Clinton, Arima


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