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Tuesday 16 January 2018
Letters to the Editor

Divine intervention?

THE EDITOR: The statement by Education Minister Anthony Garcia that TT needs “divine intervention” to solve its problems is an admission, unconscious or otherwise, that he is bereft of ideas to revamp either the education system or the society. But in making his plea, Mr Garcia was only echoing his Political Leader Dr Keith Rowley who, in his Prime Minister’s address to the nation last Monday, similarly called for prayers.

The fact is, Dr Rowley could probably reduce the murder rate within a year by closing down the Unemployment Relief Programme (URP) or at least ensuring that its $300 million annual subvention doesn’t go into the hands of “community leaders.” And Mr Garcia could improve the education system by giving principals more autonomy, including the power to hire and fire teachers, and appointing independent boards to manage government schools on a fixed budget.

But neither man will pursue any such policies, because the political backlash would be too great.

Politicians, like leaders in every sphere of our society — judiciary, business, trade unions, media houses, NGOs — base their decisions on whatever furthers their own interests and agendas, all the while claiming to be pursuing the national and even cosmic good.

Kevin Baldeosingh, Freeport


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