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Tuesday 16 January 2018
Crime and Court

Soldier in court for murdering daughter

Cpl Kerros Martin, of the TT Defence Force, escorted with other prisoners by officers of the TTPS Court and Process Branch before, appearing before the Sangre Grande Magistrate Court. PHOTOS BY ROGER JACOB


Kerros Martin, the soldier charged with murdering his two-year-old daughter and wounding her uncle during an argument last December, appeared before a Sangre Grande magistrate yesterday.

Martin, 29, appeared before senior magistrate Debra Quintyne in the Sangre Grande court. Sgt Ramdeen was the prosecutor. Wearing a plaid shirt and black pants, Martin was brought in separately from other accused and his matter was dealt with expeditiously.

While Martin’s attorney Chase Pegus was not in court, the attorney who held for him declined to give his name. He said the family said they did not want any publicity and could give no further information except that Martin was remanded into custody and would reappear in court on February 5.

When Newsday asked to speak with the attorney to confirm some information, three female relatives, one in a Customs uniform, cut him off.

Martin, of Jacelon Trace, Vega de Oropouche, had gone to visit his daughter, Soriah, at her mother Deisha Baxam’s home at Paul Street, Sangre Grande on December 12, when there was an argument.

Soriah was being held by her uncle Gregory Harracksingh when Martin, dressed in full military uniform, allegedly pulled out a gun and fired shots. Harracksingh was shot in the right arm and fell to the ground while holding Soriah. She was shot in the abdomen and died during emergency surgery.


Kerros Martin, the soldier charged with killing his daughter and wounding her uncle during an argument last December, appeared before a Sangre Grande magistrate earlier today.

He was charged with a capital offence, which meant the crime was punishable by the death penalty.

He was not called upon to plead as the charge was laid indictably.

Martin will reappear on February 5.


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Crime and Court