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Wednesday 17 January 2018
Letters to the Editor

OWTU bullies

THE EDITOR: The new school term opens and a fresh round of bullying from the Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU) is the first subject of the day.

Be prepared to cry for your mammy as they begin marching for the impossible.

I am totally mystified why they do not view their displays as distressing as what happened at Beetham Gardens.

This heartless behaviour mimics the burning tyres and garbage on the nation’s road ways.

The OWTU workers still remain the best paid workers in TT and their bullying is particularly downright offensive to taxpayers.

The OWTU allegedly appears of the view that terrorising the nation is cute. It needs to be said yet again.

Some public sector job losses will be as inevitable as death.

No trade union leader can promise milk and honey when there is no money. Read my lips. “It is mauby time for everybody.”

As Ancil Roget said on television “We are going to turn this place upsided down.”

Upsided is not in my vocabulary but it is up to the citizenry that we prevail to remain “upsided up” throughout this period of promised, sustained, bullying.

Petrotrin belongs to everybody. If it is not going to be privatised then, realistically, all trade union members will have to bravely look a wage freeze in the face.

Some union leaders believe they can be retained if sufficient followers are acutely brainwashed.

Lynette Joseph, Diego Martin


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