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Monday 19 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Legal anarchy

THE EDITOR: The current CJ issue, innocently begun, has now resulted in a downward spiral into legal anarchy.

Contrary to my opinion, the CJ has responded to one of the allegations which appears to have been fake news. But what of the libel, slander and public mischief associated with such news?

The Judges, are now appropriately silent on the issue but will they apologise?

The legal fraternity continues to be overwhelmed by the situation and seem to be dysfunctional. Seunath SC, also suggested, wrongly in my opinion, that the impeachment panel, if the matter got that far, would have to be screened like a common jury.

But the President, whose duty it is to appoint such a panel, is not constrained to appoint members from a list of jurors. In the meantime the CJ should refuse to answer any of the allegations until questioned by the proper authority.

Lennie M Nimblett, St Ann’s


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