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Sunday 17 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

8 months no water

THE EDITOR: My household has been without a WASA water supply for the past seven to eight months, but yet still we get a WASA bill.

The quality of water supply began to fall in March 2017, now we receive no water at all from WASA.We have to depend on rain water for drinking, cooking and bathing and washing and because of this we are exposed to diarrhoea, fever and cold skin rashes. My children sometimes can’t even attend school due to no water or sick by the rain water.

We have called WASA many times to report our situation and still have not gotten any help from them. I’m pleading and asking for someone to please look in to this matter.

Water is a Basic Human Right!

Ramish Ghany, Boissiere Village


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