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Saturday 17 March 2018

Look for ‘Pace Like Fire’ in Saturday’s feature

Look for ‘Pace Like Fire’ in Saturday’s feature


It's going to be “pace like fire” in the feature handicap for horses rated 90-70 at Santa Rosa Park, Arima, on Saturday.

What with fleet-footed Princess Suri, Desert Dancer, Holy Man and Set Sail holding the engagement in the extended 1300 metres sprint.

The race, highlight of the second day’s racing on the local circuit in the new season, carries a total purse of $42,500.

The Arima Race Club put together an eight-race programme for turfites.

And the Shaffique Khan-trained Princess Suri flashed her speed over 800 metres on Sunday morning, being clocked in 48.3 seconds together with stablemate Bergeron Boy.

Also having a good spin on Sunday was Trini Aviator who stepped lively over the same 800 metres trip to be clocked in 49.0 seconds.

Three-year-old maiden Unfinishedbusiness had a sharp run over 1000 metres which was timed in one minute 02.1 seconds

And another three-year-old Master Of War shaped well over the 1000 metres distance, in a gallop timed in one minute 02.3 seconds. while River Secret was a full second slower (one minute 03.0 seconds).

Set Sail had Blue Oracle for company over 600 metres timed in 35.4 seconds the same time afforded Blazing Spirit

Those in the Saturday’s feature 1300 metres extended sprint are: Root Of Jessew; Rock Of Peace; Set Sail; Simple Side; Buffalo Soldier; Princess Suri;’ Desert Dancer; Eye See You; Holy Man.

Sunday’s selected gallops: COLONEL JAMES - 24.0 Good; D LIGHTNING STRIKE - 26.1 Handy (Boxes);MAKE YOUR POINT - 25.0 Good; RED WINE - 25.1 Good; ROCKET WHEELS - 29.4 Handy;.

600 METRES: BUFFALO SOLDIER - 35.4 Good; ALWAYS READY - 39.1 Good; BLAZING SPIRIT - 35.4 Good; BLUE ORACLE - 35.4 Good; CHECKPOINT CHARLIE- 36.3 Good; DOC HOLIDAY - 39.4 Good; FORTUNE TELLER - 39.1 Good; GEARSHIFT - 36.0 Good (Boxes); JESSE’S GIRL - 38.2 Good;

LOCATOR - 40.4 Handy; PEPPER - 39.4 Good; RIDE THE TIDE - 38.4 Good ROCK IN PEACE - 38.2 Good; SEA OF GDANSK - 38.1 Good; SET SAIL - 35.4 Good; SPOKE IN YUH WHEEL - 38.2 Good; TIZ A VIBE - 39.3 Good; TREASURE QUEEN - 38.0 Good; WARMONGER - 36.0 Good (Boxes).

800 METRES: BERGERON BOY - 48.3 Good; CITY OF GOLD - 50.3 Good; EKATI’S GEM - 50.1 Good; HURRICANE HARRY, INTEGRITY - 51.2 Good; JUNEAU - 50.1 Good; PRINCESS SURI - 48.3 Good THE HEAT IS ON - 51.0 Good; TIGER’S EYE - 52.4 Good;TRINI AVIATOR - 49.0 Good; TRINI NAVIGATO. - 52.2 Good;

1000 METRES: COUNTRY BOY - 1:05.1 Good; CRAMERS RULE - 1:03.0 Good; CRIMINAL INTENT - 1:05.0 Good; GALAXY - 1:08.2 Handy; GOLIATH’S BOY - 1:03.4 Good; MASTER OF WAR - 1:02.3 Good; RIVER SECRET - 1:03.0 Good; UNFINISHEDBUSINESS - 1:02.1 Good;


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