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Thursday 22 March 2018
Crime and Court

Biche resident shot dead

Biche police and the Homicide Bureau (Region II) were up to late yesterday searching a forested area for the barrel of the gun used in Monday’s shooting death of 25-year-old Brandon Sampath.

Police said, shortly before 8 pm on Monday, a gunshot rang out at Lasalle Road, Biche, and residents contacted members of the Biche Police Station. Police went behind the family’s home where Sampath’s body was found with a gunshot wound under his chin. Next to the body was part of a home-made gun without its barrel and some other parts. In his pockets were two 12-gauge cartridges.

Sampath was not a holder of a licensed firearm, police said. Police were yet to classify the shooting death saying Sampath may have accidentally or willfully shot himself or someone killed him. After the shooting, someone removed the barrel from the scene. An autopsy was expected to be performed yesterday at the Forensic Sciences Centre, St James.


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Crime and Court