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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor


THE EDITOR: Mr BC Pires once wrote in our didactic Newsday “Thank God it is Friday.”

In Islam, Friday is considered to be the best day in the week. It is a crucial day and a momentous one vis-a-vis with other days.

Friday is the day when people will see God. Prophet Adam was created on this day. Mankind’s creation began on this day. It is the day when the sun rises.

Friday prayers for Muslims are better than the Hajj prayers. Friday is the day of resurrection.

It is the day when Allah accepts prayers. It is also the day when millions of Muslims over the world listen to the sermon in mosques to pray to God.

People must be cognisant of this great day. It is really a phenomenal day.

Thank you again Mr Pires for reminding us of this blessed and resplendent day.



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